CVO MIRAS(*), the new learning centre for adults in Kortrijk, is ready!

As of January 2017, the new campus located at 'Kortrijk Weide' will welcome up to 800 students. The whole concept of the campus was designed by SumProject as an open, generous and contemporary architectural complex. Respectful to its environment, the new building responds appropriately to the different components and scales of the neighbourhood and the city of Kortrijk. Conceived as a compact building complex; the campus offers an open mixed use ground floor, well oriented classes and a roof terrace offering unexpected views on the surrounding landscape. The CVO MIRAS project is part of 'Schools of Tomorrow’ ('Scholen van Morgen'), a public-private partnership between the Flemish government

Thanks for being part of our 'Sounds for the Future'!

Turning 50 is something special. To celebrate this milestone we created a temporary exhibition space within our own micro cosmos - so everybody could experience our offices: ‘Open House’. Through general themes like ‘50 years of making and expertise’, ‘entrepreneurial partnerships’, ‘urban design’ (walking in the city), ‘research on urban thinking and society’, ‘continuity’ visitors could have an intimate insight into our world with recent and ongoing work. During our 'Open House' we had a lot of special moments with interesting discussions, nostalgic look backs, new ambitions and visions. We would like to thank every single one for being part of our 'Sounds for the Future'!

Bruzz: 'Ceci n'est pas un bureau d'architecture'

The Brussels weekly newspaper 'Bruzz' published a double page article on the occasion of our 50th anniversary. In the interview Paul Lievevrouw, president of SumProject+SumResearch, explains our general vision on entrepreneurial partnerships, continuity, urban design and research. These topics are also the guidelines of our Open House 'Sounds for the Future'. You can read the article here (in Dutch) or online.

Architectura: 'Restaurée, la gare est devenue musée' published an article on the restoration of Schaerbeek's two historical train stations and the design of the contemporary extension which, together, give form to the new ‘Train World’ museum. SumProject, in collaboration with Eurostation, was responsible for the restoration and the design, while the scenography was handled by the Expoduo team, led by François Schuiten. Train World is a perfect example of providing continuity to a building and creating an interesting interaction between old and new. You can read the article on (French).

La Libre Belgique: 'SUM fête 50 ans d'architecture'

La Libre Belgique published an article on the occasion of our 50th anniversary. The article gives a brief summary of our history and points out a number of recent projects which you can discover during our Open House 'Sounds for the Future'. You can read the article here (French).

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