Bozar Masterplan in 'Bruzz'

The Brussels newspaper 'Bruzz' published an interview with Paul Dujardin, CEO of Bozar - Centre for Fine Arts. In this article M. Dujardin explains the next phase of the masterplan, in which a flexible system for the seats can be introduced. He also mentions the new extra circulation through the building, designed by the 'Bozar-bouwteam'. The masterplan was developed by B. Van der Wee Architects in collaboration with SumProject. Sum is also part of the 'Bozar-bouwteam'. More information on our project page. You can read the article here.

'Verleidelijke vitrines. 700 jaar winkelpuien in Gent' publication

Ghent's municipal Service for Heritage and Architecture recently launched a book dedicated to 700 years of shopping history in the city. In chapter 5 'Shopping architecture in Ghent. Development of shops since 1980' co-author Marc Dubois describes the evolution of the 'Kouter' square stating that the development on the 'Kouter' is particularly interesting as an urban intervention to connect the 'Veldstraat' and the 'Brabantdam'. In this spirit our project 'CG Kouter' is a good example of this development with its shift from financial activities ('ING bank') towards a mixed use with retail and housing. ‘Sevens lederwaren’, a smaller shop designed by 'Groep Planning'/Paul Lievevrouw, is also m

'Park 1302' in 'Het Laatste Nieuws'

Kortrijk's newest neighbourhood park has been officially inaugurated. ‘Park 1302’ is part of the re-conversion of an old industrial site into a new green and pleasant urban living environment close to the city centre of Kortrijk. The newspaper 'Het Laatste Nieuws' dedicated an article to our project with an interview of clearly happy new inhabitants! The masterplan for the re-conversion of this former industrial site was developed by SumResearch while the architecture has been designed by SumProject. More information on our project page. You can read the article here.

Sum Happy Hour – Metro Constitution/Grondwet - Brussels

Our collaborator Eric Quinet presented the project 'Constitution/Grondwet' during a ‘Sum Happy Hour’. 'Constitution/Grondwet' is an important infrastructure project including a new metro station and two underground tram stations as well as other technical infrastructure located near the Gare du Midi (at Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier, Avenue de Stalingrad towards rue Fonsny). This project is part of the new metro line 3, connecting ‘Bordet’ station in the north with ‘Albert’ station in the south of Brussels. More info on

Sum @ Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial 23/09

'The notion of landscape has undergone a strong evolution in the past years. From an approach traditionally marked by a sense of romanticism and the search for an idealized nature, it evolved into a new way of thinking about the relation between the built and the natural environment. This renewed interest in the landscape is a genuine statement of civilization. It corresponds to a profound change of mentality in the face of the territory’s massive urbanisation and increasing environmental degradation. 'The first ‘Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial’ (BULB), an initiative of the Minister of Environment of the Brussels-Capital Region, aims to promote the urban landscape through a number of event

'Park 1302': inauguration of the new public park

On September 20, alderman Wout Maddens (City of Kortrijk) will inaugurate the new neighbourhood park which is part of our residential development 'Park 1302' in the urban core of Kortrijk. SumProject developed this thriving project with 81 apartments and 49 houses. With the inauguration of the park, the green and pleasant urban living environment on this brownfield is getting towards its final phase. More information on the project page.

Sum @ Heritage Days Brussels 2016 - Recycling of styles

This weekend the Brussels-Capital Region is organizing ‘Heritage Days’, a major event for lovers of architecture and heritage. “Recycling of styles”, the theme of the 2016 edition offers the opportunity to discover the “neo” and historically-inspired styles of the 19th century (Neo-Gothic, Neoclassicism, Neo- Renaissance, Neo-Romanesque, Eclecticism, etc.) which have especially marked the Brussels architectural landscape, in addition to more recent styles such as Regionalism and Postmodernism. It really is a unique opportunity to visit a large number of iconic locations in our capital as well as less known ones or buildings that are rarely open to visitors during the rest of the year. Centra

'Ook de aangespoelden blijven' publication in 'De Grote Rede'

The Flemish Institute for the Sea ('VLIZ') has published an article about our research on elderly at the Belgian coast. As part of the programme 'Ageing at the coast', the Province of West-Flanders wanted to research the migration of elderly, to get insights in their needs and expectations, and to examine the consequences of this growing group of elderly on the housing market and the healthcare sector. You can read the article here. The results of our research can also be found in the book 'Ook de aangespoelden blijven. Woon- en zorgperspectieven van pensioenmigranten aan de kust'.You want more information and maybe order this publication? Visit and our project page.

'Afwegingskader actieve landbouwbedrijven' publication

The Flemish Government ('Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed') has published the new assessment framework for active farms in listed heritage (‘Afwegingskader actieve landbouwbedrijven in beschermd erfgoed’). The new assessment framework will be used to advise planning applications from farmers who want to carry out works on a listed building or in a listed landscape etc. The assessment framework looks for a balanced solution for active farmers who continue farming within a listed heritage environment, with a view to the preservation of heritage values, scenic settings and the agricultural context. More information about this research? Visit

ING Kouter Ghent: news from the construction site

We received some spectacular photos from the 'ING Kouter' construction site. SumProject develops the renovation of this historical and precious building formerly known as the regional headquarters of the ING Bank on the Kouter in Ghent. The building is being completely remodeled. The project is building upon the authentic, historical elements combined with a search for modern comfort and a maximum of natural light. The historical layers of the building as well as the characteristic inner space at the ground floor and the first floor demand for an intelligent re-use of the existing patrimonial elements. These floors are being restored with great attention. On the ground floor and on the first

Sum @ 'Open Monumentendag' 2016

On Sunday September 11, the 28th edition of the Flemish 'Open Monumentendag' will take place. The 'Boekentoren' in Ghent is one of the selected monuments. SumProject is part of the 'Boekentorenteam', which is responsible for the restoration of this remarkable building complex with its enigmatic ‘Tower of Books’ (1935 arch. Henri Van de Velde). As a member of ‘Herita’ you can join for an exclusive site visit to the underground depot and learn everything about the restoration. More info on and on our project page. Follow the restoration process on

Conference on 'ageing, housing and healthcare in rural areas'

In the coming decades the rural areas in Flanders will face a strong ageing of their population, engendering a number of major societal challenges, notably in terms of housing and healthcare. How many elderly are involved in this process and which evolutions do we see? Which healthcare needs are generated by this process? In what way can spatial planning and housing policies respond to the needs in rural areas? How do we cope with the context where elderly are willing to live as longs as possible in their houses, where houses and living environments are not adapted to new needs,...? HaUS (Housing and Urban Studies - KULeuven) and SumResearch (in collaboration with Atelier Romain) are present

'Place Jourdanplein': works will start in March '17

Next year the 'Place Jourdan' will get a complete new look. The project includes the renewal of the 'Place Jourdan', the part between the 'rue Froissart', the 'rue de la Tourelle' and the intersection of'Place Jourdan' with the 'chaussée d'Etterbeek' and the 'avenue du Maelbeek'. The renewal is an opportunity to improve the overall quality of the square and its surroundings and to reinforce the importance of this place in the city. The renewal also aims to achieve a better balance between the various users of this public space.

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