Sum @ 'Dey your lane! Lagos variations'

The ‘Summer of Photography 2016’ has started! The 6th Biennial for Contemporary Photography, an initiative of BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, has a special focus on urban vibes. One of the expo’s, ‘Dey your lane! Lagos variations’, seeks to understand Lagos through the lens of those who can express their reactions and experiences in the city in a creative manner. The exhibition brings together the work of 24 photographers, both local and international. SumResearch contributed to this exhibition with a comparative study between Lagos, Los Angeles and Mumbai, three megacities with a common economical drive: the movie industry. Our research has a strong focus on the demographical evolution and futu

Sum mock-up @ BXLoveSummer pop-up store

The BXLoveSummer pop-up store has a new small eye-catcher. A mock-up of the future benches, designed by SumProject, has been placed right in front of the pop-up store. This is only a section of a bench; in reality they will be between 3.9m and 5.7m long. Inside the pop-up store you can also have a closer look at the model showing the regeneration of the public space, from square De Brouckère to square Fontainas. More information about the central lanes? Check out our projectpage.

La MéMé - Who cares?

Between the 22nd of June and the 18th of September BOZAR, the Centre for Fine Arts- Brussels is welcoming the exhibition 'Atelier d'Architecture Simone & Lucien Kroll - Engaged architecture'. On the 8th of September there will be a Summer Bar -'The Genius of La MéMé' - specially devoted to 'La Maison des Médicins'.Our president, Paul Lievevrouw, has been asked to contribute with a short reflection on 'La MéMé'. More information on the exhibition? “ 'La Maison des Médicins' beter bekend als 'La MéMé' is een gebouw dat de tijdsgeest voorop loopt en visualiseert. En het is nu nog steeds een baken van vernieuwing en een blijvende oproep tot de participatiegedachte ‘bottom-up’. Na de mod

Wanted: young creatives...

Ben je gebeten door ontwerpend onderzoek, perspectieven, schetsen, maquettes? Heb je bijzondere vaardigheden in computertekenen? Ben je gespecialiseerd in grafiek, detaillering, tentoonstellingsopbouw? Ben je gepassioneerd door monumentenzorg en restauratie? Wij zoeken dringend jonge medewerkers – architecten - pas afgestudeerd of met 1 of 2 jaar ervaring voor de opstart en de uitwerking van boeiende en uitdagende projecten in de renovatie en de nieuwbouw vanuit ons kantoor in Brussel. We bieden een leerrijke instap met bezoek aan werven en projecten + technische begeleiding voor een verder traject. Ben je gemotiveerd? Stuur dan als de bliksem een korte motivatiebrief + je cv & portfolio als

Park 1302: news from the construction site

Two months after the completion of the first phase of residence 'Theodoor', another big step has been taken. The construction of 24 townhouses has been completed recently. These houses are part of the development of ‘Park 1302’, the successful reconversion of a brownfield (former site of Barco) into a green and pleasant urban living environment. More information about the Park 1302? Check out our project page.

Benefit Raymond Lemaire

In the unique setting of Les Brigittines, the Brussels Contemporary Arts Centre for Movement, Sum organises a fund raising dinner for the ‘Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation’ (RLICC) in order to support young talent in rethinking ‘conservation and urban development’. Since the training started 40 years ago, SumProject+SumResearch has always had a special bond with the RLICC and therefore wants to enhance the capacities for applied research. We need young professionals with renewed views on heritage and entrepreneurship; young people who have the ambition to carry out the ‘métier’ and to develop a contemporary vision on conservation in an urban context. That is why ​we want

Nova Rode: news from the construction site

Our 'Nova Rode' housing project in Sint-Genesius-Rode is progressing well. The first building (Block A) which contains 38 apartments with large terraces and stunning views on the park side, will be ready by the end of June 2016. The construction of Block B, with 28 units, will start in the first half of June. And the development continues… Nova Rode is a unique housing project in a peaceful green environment located in the centre of Sint-Genesius-Rode, just a stone’s throw from the centre of Brussels. More information on the project page.

Sum @ 20km of Brussels

As a yearly tradition, a couple of ‘Sum-runners’ participated in the “20km of Brussels”, in support of the ngo ‘Dertiendester'. This organisation supports projects that assist Ethiopian children and teaches them how to independently develop a qualitative live. You can find more information on Well done Hans, Jean-Pierre and Helmut! Hopefully you’ve inspired other ‘Summers’ to join in for next years edition...

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