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Redevelopment of the Roosenberg Abbey, Waasmunster



Since 2016, an active reflection has been organised on the future of the Roosenberg Abbey in Waasmunster.

Different ideas and visions have emerged, the interest in this hidden gem is not undeserved. The exhibition "Dom Hans van der Laan. A house for the mind "in deSingel," as well as Ingel Vaikla's lecture and film "Roosenberg" have put the Abbey in the spot light.

The site of the Abbey is exceptional for its architectural qualities and for its spiritual and cultural-historical dimension. The Abbey has therefore been listed as a monument. This requires special handling of the building, but does not exclude new functions and use.

In 2018 the expert team of SumResearch, arch. C. Voet and B. Van der Wee Architects has been appointed to assist and to guide the Congregation of the “Mariazusters van Franciscus” in their search of the re-use of the Abbey. First, a thorough analysis was carried out with a focus on the history, qualities and bottlenecks present. This resulted in a publication offering the interested candidates a framework and providing insight into the specifics of the building. Afterwards, a SWOT has been made and criteria have been set for the evaluation of the various proposals. In addition, a budgetary estimate was also made to make the building ready for use and for further operation related maintenance costs.

The expert team is also responsible for the evaluation of the proposals and further negotiations with the selected teams in order to find a suitable answer for this very special building.


Aside from this consulting mission a heritage management plan has been made for the side in order to assist the present and future owners with a long term heritage vision.

Client: Mariazusters van Franciscus 

TeamSumResearch i.c.w. arch. Caroline Voet & B. Van der Wee Architects


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